While You’re In The Neighborhood…

Having just moved my office to midtown in December, I’ve been slowly exploring the new neighborhood and am amazed at the history nearby! Bryant Park, The New York Public Library main branch and Grand Central Terminal are all just a stone’s throw from my acupuncture office. I feel so lucky to be close to these New York City landmarks, and they each have an incredible array of events and activities to offer to locals and visitors.

Bryant Park is always full of activity, and it peaks in the summertime! In one day, you could take a yoga class, do a walking meditation, participate in a book club and watch professional jugglers. Check out the events calendar here. Another thing I love about the park is that in the summertime there is plenty of space for simply lounging in the grass or sitting on a bench with a great book. There are also a lot of wonderful food options in the park, whatever time of year you are there. One of my favorites, ‘Witchcraft, has a kisok in the park. Ever since moving to NYC in 2009 I’ve been regularly grabbing delicious, healthy lunches from one ‘Witchcraft location or another. The food is to die for- I crave it! If you’re looking for an option for a longer lunch, check out Bryant Park Grill. I’ve only eaten here a few times but it was great- and if you come during the warmer months outdoor seating is available.

The Main Branch of the New York Public Library on 42nd St and 5th Ave is an iconic landmark- everyone knows the two lion statues flanking the entrance! Did you know their names are Patience and Fortitude? They were given the names by Mayor LaGuardia during the economic depression of the 1930’s. The library is absolutely gorgeous indoors and is something every New Yorker should experience at some point. Jump in on a free tour– every Monday and Saturday at 11am and 2pm.

Grand Central Terminal is stunning. I think I had lived in NYC for at least 4 years before actually entering the grand concourse- that huge, magical room with constellations on the ceiling and people rushing past to make their trains. You could really spend an entire day at Grand Central- there are about 20 casual eateries on the lower level (including some of my favorites, Shake Shack and Jacques Torres) and 5 larger, sit-down restaurants including the famed Oyster Bar & Restaurant. I most often find myself at Grand Central if I am taking a train to visit the New York Botanical Gardens or a day trip Cold Spring for lunch, hiking and antiquing.

Many New Yorkers work in midtown east for decades without ever taking a little time to explore the incredible history just a few blocks away. The next time you stop by my office for an acupuncture session, take an extra hour for yourself and check out one of these local landmarks!