Prenatal & Postpartum

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Expecting and new moms need support.

The goal shouldn’t be limited to just having a healthy baby, but also include caring for the whole person as she becomes a mother. With over 11 years in practice and special training in prenatal and postpartum care, I’m able to provide the expertise to help you feel your best.


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Acupuncture during pregnancy has been shown to be safe and can benefit mother and baby greatly. Many of my patients who initially began treatments for fertility end up continuing acupuncture throughout their pregnancies to help with such issues as morning sickness, anxiety or lower back and hip pain.



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Acupuncture treatments in the 3-4 weeks leading up to your due date can help prepare you mentally and physically for birth- whether you’re planning on a vaginal birth or are having a scheduled cesarean. I love teaching my patients acupressure and other techniques they can use at home to help.



Mom and Baby

The care and support you receive during pregnancy shouldn’t stop once the baby is born. New mothers can benefit from acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques for postpartum issues such as pain, urinary incontinence, swelling, breastfeeding difficulty, fatigue and emotional support.


My Approach:

I’m passionate about supporting mothers during this simultaneously joyful and sometimes overwhelming time of life. My goal is to help ease your transformation into becoming a mother- whether for the first, second or third time. I utilize acupuncture and other modalities in addition to teaching simple, effective ways to feel healthy and confident during pregnancy and the postpartum time. No matter what type of birth you’re envisioning, I am here to help you feel supported, empowered, healthy and energetic. I provide evidence-informed information and have an extensive referral network of birth professionals to help along the way.

Perinatal Acupuncture Research Summaries Project:

I am currently completing a project with the goal of making perinatal acupuncture research data and practical information easily accessible to both patients and medical professionals. Utilizing what I've learned in the MAMPS program (see description at right), I have written acupuncture research summaries along with information and resources on a variety of pregnancy health topics. To see the topics completed to date, click here.

My Perinatal Acupuncture Training:

Although I’ve been working with pregnant patients for over 11 years, I’ve recently completed 3 years of specialized training through an intensive mentorship in perinatal care (MAMPS) with internationally recognized experts in the field including Debra Betts (NZ), Sarah Budd (UK), Claudia Citkovitz (US) and Zena Kocher (US). I am currently working on a yearlong project with the goal of making perinatal acupuncture research data and practical information easily accessible to both patients and medical professionals.

Certificates Earned:

MAMPS Certificate in Research Literacy in Maternity Acupuncture (completed 2019)

MAMPS Certificate in Practical Maternity Acupuncture (completed 2019)

Ongoing, regular participation in MAMPS mentorship and peer mentoring