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What Is A Pulsatility Index, And Why Is It So Important For Fertility?

If you’re trying to get pregnant, you should care about your Pulsatility Index. What? One more thing to keep track of? By the way, what in tarnation is a Pulsatility Index?

A Pulsatility Index (PI) is a measurement of the blood flow through your arteries- specifically, the ones going to your ovaries and uterus. Read more

Ask the Expert: Cornell Fertility Specialist Dr. David Reichman

When you were younger, you spent a lot of time and energy trying NOT to get pregnant.  But now that the time is right, what if it’s not happening as quickly as you hoped? Or what if you are in your mid- thirties and still haven’t met Mr. or Mrs. Right, or this just isn’t the time for a baby?

This is where a fertility specialist called a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) comes in. I’m excited to have had the chance to interview Dr. David Reichman of The Center for Reproductive Medicine at Weill Cornell’s Tribeca office. Dr. Reichman not only has an impressive bio (click here to read), but strikes me as a warm and compassionate person who is genuinely excited about his work and cares about his patients. He wants his patients to understand their treatments- so much so, that Dr. Reichman has a flat screen TV connected to his office’s computer in order to pull up pictures and diagrams, more effectively explaining procedures, medications and statistics (I know I always learn more easily with pictures).  Why don’t all doctors do that? Read more